A new healthcare model

Our proposal: We're all involved

Every year we wish each other prosperity and good health. But what does "good health" really mean?

Our society always sees this as a state of "no disease": being healthy means not being sick. It seems logical, right?

For us, it's not just that. The relationship with my doctor only represents 10% of my health, while the other 90% is our lifestyle, our way of living in general, preventive attitude or rather our own implication on our self-care.

And how can we fight if we don't know ourselves? What if our doctor does not know us?

In Mediktiv, we want you to understand your health, not only through the pathologies you had in the past or the doctors you visited throughout your life, but also we take it a step further for you to consider your physical activity, your mental wellbeing or simply your feeding habits as they also count as an important fact of your health history.

We'll monitor you and communicate with you in real-time about YOUR HEALTHCARE so you can TAKE ACTIVE PART in it!

Do you care about your health?

Obviously yes! Although we are not always aware of how to do it. Whether it's due to our feeding habits, living or working in a stressing environment or not having the means to spend on healthier products, the world's population is increasingly sicker, to the point of dying more often from preventable than from infectious diseases.

  • 7 In 2030, diabetes will be the seventh leading cause of death worldwide
  • 55% Childhood obesity for generations born after 2005

Can we help you maintain and improve your health?

Yes! and also for free. We believe that the first thing we can do for you to stay healthy is learning all aspects that affect your health and well-being. To do this, we offer a safe, fun and personalised space for you in which you can discover that your health is much more than simply "going to the doctor".

  • 10% It's how little you know about yourself if you consider your whole health history from the day you were born
  • x30 The number of people who share information about their health in social networks gets multiplied by 30 in just one year

We encourage your healthy attitude

Often we complain about getting too many offers in the mailbox at home or through email. They don't even adjust to a need that we could have, instead, they send us a massive amount of information hoping that some of us might need their service. In addition, in health, we do not always know how to assess the offer of the service itself, its cost, or if the place they propose for us is right. Tell me who you are and I'll tell you what you might need: that's the rule we adopt in Mediktiv. We are a personalized environment and do not want you to receive more information than what you really need. We are not looking to sell anything. We will advise you on the best solutions for prevention and intake so you make no mistake in your health options.

  • 58% Of the Spanish population thinks that the Internet helps them consume in a more tailored way respect to their needs
  • 4 Hours a day every citizen spends, on average, connected to Internet

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