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We are professional doctors, computer engineers, communications professionals, consultants from various sectors surrounding health ... but above all, we are people who believe their work through Mediktiv is to help people to improve their relationship with their personal health. We want the best for you because we want the best for us: each and all of us are and will be patients throughout our lives.

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Medical Committee

  • Pablo Hernández Esteban

    Madrid's renowned orthopedist, Paul is one of the greatest researchers in his field. We took him on board for the adventure of the digitization of his profession, and we fell in love with him at first sight! He is our Medical Director and helps us to never lose the medical and health thread throughout our project.

  • Elisa Escorihuela Navarro

    After graduating in Pharmaceutics, she worked in various areas of Health. Since then, she began to undertake the adventure of uniting her passions: science, nutrition, and gastronomy. She has extensive experience helping people improving their quality of life through food and implementation of healthy lifestyles. Elisa is a "personal trainer healthy" of Mediktiv.

  • Silvia García de Sola

    Silvia is the psychologist of our team. She listens, observes our site to improve psychosocial ecosystem relationships between doctors, patients, and pharmacies. Silvia is the psychologist of our team. She listens, observes our tool to improve psychosocial ecosystem relationships between doctors, patients, and pharmacies.

  • Juan Carlos Flores

    Renowned Cardiologist in Madrid, Juan Carlos advises us regarding the specific management system related to his specialty.

Executive committee

  • Ben Niddam

    Entrepreneur and dreamer of a more agile and innovative health care system, Ben is our CEO. He is also the founder of Saluspot.com (company acquired by Telefonica) and Healthia.es (company acquired by Sanitas). With over 10 years of experience in communication between doctors and patients, he guides our steps in this adventure!

  • José María García Alonso

    Eminence in the financial sector, José María was the President of Bankia Insurance, Director of Caser, Bancofar, Mapfre and other large Spanish firms. It is the alma mater of the operation of our project.

  • Carlos Hernández Gil

    With over 40 years of experience in Medicine and Surgery (Honorable Mention Cum Laude in Paris and Madrid), Carlos is not just a doctor. Head of Medical Services of the Madrid Football Federation, was President of MD Anderson International, President of the Social and Health (Council of Europe), Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs Committee and Chairman of the World Health Assembly.

  • Javier Martínez García

    Renowned financial expert, operating under the JMKapital seal, Javier has extensive experience in the world of venture capital and internationalization projects.

Scientific Comittee

  • Julio Mayol

    Professor of Surgery (credited as professor) at the Complutense University of Madrid and Medical Director of the Clinical Hospital San Carlos. Since 2010 he is Director of Innovation Unit of the Health Research Institute of San Carlos (IdSSC), member of the Center for Surgical Research, Department of Surgery of the UCM and patron of the Foundation for Biomedical Research San Carlos. Since 2012 co-directs the Madrid-MIT Consortium MVision in Massachussetts.

    He advised several young "start-ups" dedicated to biomedical technology and eHealth. He has received several awards for his professional work in the field of R + D + i, of which are the Royal National Academy of Medicine, Fenin Innovation Award, the Fujitsu Innovation Award and the award for Your health newspaper La Razon Investigator of the Year.

  • Ismael San Mauro

    CINUSA group director and researcher at the Department of Medicine of the UCM, Ismael is an essential support for Mediktiv advances in preventive health and studies on the impact of our work on public health.

Honorary members

  • Samuel Martínez Ballesteros

    Client Partner for Facebook in Miami, ex-head of Retail and Beauty for Facebook, Samuel has been a great tip for portion segmentation and identification of patient profiles.

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