General conditions of use

Terms and Conditions of Usage - Mediktiv


1.1. In compliance with the provisions of Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July, services of information society and electronic commerce, then general information Web Site is offered (hereinafter

1.2. The owner of the website is the company MEDIKTIV S.L. (Hereinafter, "MEDIKTIV") established Avenida Ramón y Cajal, 20 CP: 28016 Madrid. CIF B-87633533.

1.3. MEDIKTIV, by providing the technological platform of ownership to four different types of profiles of users (in its entirety and forward USERS), each with its own tool:
- User "patient"
- User "professional"
- User "clinic
- User "pharmacy"

1.4 There is also a fifth tool called "Mediktiv Services", aimed at organizing campaigns to the four types of users previously mentioned, and of which each of the users Mediktiv recognizes the existence and accepts its use for information and / or commercial.

1.5. The e-mail address Customer: and the phone is 636 54 28 43


2.1. MEDIKTIV made available through the website of your ownership or through any other means in the future to establish a technology platform (hereinafter "WEB SITE" or "platform") directed to individuals and health entities which USERS cited above in paragraph 1.3. They can communicate and interact with each other freely and in real time.

2.2. Users understand that the website is a technology platform owned by MEDIKIV where they can manage their consumption respectively, production or information about health services and pharmaceutical products by the procedures made available to users in this platform.

2.3. MEDIKTIV may, always depending on the development and evolution of its products and services, expand or modify your site, including replacing or new products, services, activities or content.

2.4. MEDIKTIV fits at all times to the regulatory framework established by Royal Decree 1718/2010 of 17 December on the prescription and dispensing orders and the Basic Law Regulating Patient Autonomy and Rights and Obligations and Clinical Documentation Act 41/2002 of 14 November.


3.1. Acceptance of the conditions of use

3.1.1. These general conditions of use and recruitment (hereinafter, "General Conditions") govern, together with the Privacy Policy, access and use by the user of the website and purchase products and services therethrough.

3.1.2. The user must carefully read these terms and conditions each time you access the Web site, since these General Conditions are subject to change.

You represent

to. You have read and understood herein shall;
b. which is a person of legal age and with sufficient capacity to contract;
c. assumes all obligations set forth herein.
d. who understands that the website is a technology platform owned by
MEDIKTIV where you can manage respectively consumption, production or information about health services and pharmaceutical products by the procedures made available to users in this platform
and. providing informed consent according to what is stated in the Privacy Policy of the platform.
F. who has his habitual residence in Spain.
g. which is the "patient user" is selected patient medical professional or that proposed profile join your patients Mediktiv

3.1.3 .The owner of the website reserves the right to make, at any time and without notice, any changes or updates to its content and services of these General Conditions and, in general, those elements which make up the design and configuration of the website.

3.2 Access to the Website and age of majority.

3.2.1. Access to the website is free for "users patients" and is governed by a commercial contract subscription for users "professional", "clinical" and "pharmacies".

3.2.2. Use of the website is exclusively aimed at adults, according to the legislation of the country of residence. If the user is a minor, this must have the express authorization or permission of the parent or legal representatives.

3.3. Need for registration.

3.3.1. For access to static website content no user registration is required. However, for the management of any of the profiles of users and to access the services provided on the website if be subject to the registration of user data.

3.3.2. The data entered by the user must be accurate, current and truthful at all times. The registered user will be responsible at all times for the custody of their password, thus assuming any damages arising from its misuse, as well as the transfer, disclosure or loss of it. To this end, access to restricted areas and / or use of services and content made under the password of a registered user are deemed made by such registered user who answer in every case of such access and use.

3.4. Rules of Use.

3.4.1. The User agrees to use the website and all its contents and services in accordance with the provisions of the law, morality, public order and the general conditions of use and purchase.

3.4.2. It also undertakes to make appropriate use of services and / or contents of the website no longer use illegal or criminal activities which violate the rights of others and / or violate the regulations on intellectual property or any other applicable legal standards.


4.1. MEDIKTIV owns the intellectual and industrial property rights or has obtained permits or licenses required for exploitation, associated with domain names, trademarks and distinctive signs, platform, published content, computer programs and other works and inventions content or related to this website and the technology associated with it.

4.2. The contents of this platform including applications, text, images and source code are protected by intellectual and industrial property.

4.3. The contents of the platform may not be used, reproduced, copied, processed or transmitted in any form without prior written and explicit MEDIKTIV.

4.4. The User declares to have all permits and licenses of content that can be made available to the platform, MEDIKTIV exonerating of any responsibility.
4.5. The User grants HEALTH APPLICATIONS a license for the sole purpose of publishing and moderate, if any user comments.
5. Disclaimer.

5.1. MEDIKTIV is a technology platform that provides services to third parties in any case directly emits medical information that may be interpreted as a prescription, professional advice or diagnosis. Optional referee healthcare professionals have to work according to established medical practice, and who may be at its discretion perform the tasks health information, diagnosis, treatment and prescription under sole responsibility.

5.2. Access the Web Site does not imply MEDIKTIV the obligation to control the absence of viruses, worms or any other malicious software. The User, in any case, the availability of adequate tools to detect and disinfect harmful computer programs.

5.3. MEDIKTIV not responsible for any damage caused in the software and hardware of users or third parties during the use of the services offered on the website.

5.4. MEDIKTIV not responsible for damages of any kind caused to the User resulting from failures or disconnections in telecommunications networks that produce the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the Website service while providing the same or prior .

The terms and use of the WEB SITE shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the competition rules and jurisdiction established in Spanish law.


1.Titularidad file, information duty and purpose.
The owner of the website (hereinafter WEBSITE) is the Company MEDIKTIV S.L., a company established in Avenida Ramón y Cajal CP. 28016 Madrid and CIF B-87633533

In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December, Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter LOPD) we inform you that all personal identifying information such as name, email address, mailing address, telephone collected via the website or any application or device owned by the Company be part of an encrypted file owned by MEDIKTIV the following purposes:

  1. manage the medical history of patients / users
  2. allow medical professionals computerized prescriptions issued paper (according to the official format CGCOM RD1718 / 2010) to their patients
  3. and send information about our services, products and various campaigns by any means including electronic.
    2. express written consent.
    The "patient" to accept the terms of use of MEDIKTIV, user provides their medical data and information necessary to provide its manifesto prior express consent allowing MEDIKTIV treat such data in order from this to put available technological platform aiming your doctor or health care professional, collegial professional use tool for managing your health, proper monitoring and their patients, communication actions and reminders corresponding to the activity of the clinic, and issue prescriptions computerized paper (according to the official format CGCOM RD1718 / 2010), and MEDIKTIV examine this information in order to send promotional offers that apply in all cases to the identified needs of the patient based on their health profile, accepting terms of the Privacy Policy.
    The user "health professional", "clinic" and "pharmacy" to accept the terms of use of MEDIKTIV agree to share the comprehensiveness of the data collected from clinical and / or pharmacy and encrypted with MEDIKTIV for the company to send a welcome message MEDIKTIV the patient in clinic name, informing the services and benefits of the tool MEDIKTIV patients that the company offers to manage the integrity of their consumption of health.
    3. MEDIKTIV as processor
    3.1. MEDIKTIV for the sole purpose of providing the service processing, storage and segmentation of health data, will access the personal data held by the patient user, in which case you will be taken as a data processor under the provisions Article 12 of Law 15/99 of 13 December protection of personal data (hereinafter the Act) and articles 19 et seq of Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December development Regulations of the LOPD . MEDIKTIV act at all times under the instructions of the healthcare professional.
    3.2. MEDIKTIV implement sufficient security measures and adequate aimed at ensuring the confidentiality and secrecy of photographic content and always in accordance with the state of technology at all times.
    4. Data quality
    Users, "patient" "professional", "clinic" and "pharmacy" respectively declare that the information provided is accurate, assuming any responsibility otherwise.
    Also, the "patient", "professional", "clinic" and "drug" users undertake to update the information provided if modifications thereof occur.
    5. Minors.
    Use of the website is exclusively aimed at adults, according to the legislation of the country of residence.
    If the user is a minor shall refer the WEB SITE authorization of parents or legal guardians
    Should the request be computerized prescription paper for a minor, the applicant and manager Profile minor claims to be the legal representative.
    6. Rights of access, rectification and deletion.
    Please note that you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending a written request to the address indicated above, attaching a copy of your ID or documentation proving their identity, to the above address or address email
    7. Confidentiality and security measures.
    MEDIKTIV agrees to implement security measures technical and organizational measures that are appropriate and sufficient to ensure the security of personal data and in accordance with the state of technology and to ensure the secrecy and confidentiality of information .
    If the recipe to issue the user submit the report prescriber or medication history will be stored with date these security measures provided by law.
    8. Provision of technology.
    MEDIKTIV, through the WEB SITE, provides services to third parties in order that users request the issuance of a prescription computerized paper (according to the official format CGCOM RD1718 / 2010), being in any case the health professional who analyzes the request, collects in appropriate information and issues if deemed suitable according to medical praxis computerized prescription paper.
    9. User management and password.
    User, "patient" "professional", "clinic" and "pharmacy" is solely responsible for maintaining and guarding the login and pasword to access the platform.


    When requesting a prescription or written or telemedicine to a healthcare professional platform attached to the query, the user "patient" agree to agree to the terms and conditions of informed consent:
    1. authorize the doctor attached to the platform Mediktiv to prescribe drugs electronically.
    2. I have an obligation and responsibility to inform my general health information. I will be solely responsible for providing complete and accurate information.
    3. Tomo drugs freely and voluntarily.
    4. I am informed and understand the goals of treatment, its procedure and the potential risks of taking medication.

      medical ethics

      1. What is medical ethics?

      It is the set of ethical principles and rules to inspire and guide the professional conduct of medical and good medical practice. The Code of Ethics meets all these standards are mandatory for all physicians in the exercise of their profession, regardless of the mode of praxis.
      This ethical obligation extends to other health professionals.

      2. Is there a contradiction between the ethics code and the application of new technologies?

      Absolutely. New technologies are tools that are born and solutions to respond to demographic changes and current health care problems of patients who for various reasons can not go to the query.

      As is described in the above definition these standards can be met regardless of the mode strictly applied.

      Deontological principles for the use of our platform are:

      1. Know the patient, have your medical history and recommend services, products or conduct personalized
      2. To help different users, "patient" "professional", "clinic" and "pharmacy" in communication tasks we identify as necessary for correct both curative and preventive treatment.
      3. To preserve privacy, medical confidentiality and patient safety in view of the current legislation

      Rules applied by our platform:
      • Spanish Constitution
      • Right to privacy
      • Law on Protection of Personal Data
      • Patient Care Law
      • Act Prescription and dispensing orders

      This platform is convinced that the development of new technologies today provide a great improvement to the health and welfare of people, whether patients or their relatives.
      Health data and staffs will be fully dissociated and preserved in order to prevent the identification of the different health profiles.

      SPECIAL CONDITIONS FOR USERS IN PATIENTS available to patients in clinics using the tool "Mediktiv clinic" and users wishing to register freely on the platform personalized access to the "Mediktiv patient" tool.

      To access and / or use the services of "Mediktiv patient" is necessary to previously provide a MEDIKTIV certain personal data that may be provided either by the clinic at the time of the visit of a patient (in this case the patient will receive an email welcoming "Mediktiv patient" and will have to accept the general conditions used, either because register directly on the platform (in this case the patient / user will have to provide information required to register and validate the general conditions of use. in accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 data Protection (LOPD) Personal Character we inform you that the data collected will be incorporated into a file registered in the Spanish data Protection Agency, which is responsible Mediktiv, SL, with registered office at Avenida Ramón y Cajal, 20 with CIF B-8 7633533, for the purposes set out in each collection forms established to use this website and to send information on products and services of our organization through email or the like and be able to treat data on navigation and user purchases disassociating their personal data and authorize us to retain your data for the above purposes even after the termination our relationship in the future.

      Also it reported that once dissociated data, information on consumer habits and user navigation can be used for statistical purposes and / or commercial MEDIKTIV by S.L. guarantees that it has taken appropriate security measures basic level in its facilities, systems and files. Also guarantees the confidentiality of personal data and that they will not be transferred to third parties. Nevertheless, reveal to the competent public authorities personal data and any other information in its possession or accessible through its systems and is required in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions.

      1. What kind of information do we collect?

      When you visit our web site, two types of information are collected:

      1. Personal Information is collected on an individual basis and you agree to be disclosed.

      2. Information on the use of the website that is collected collectively when you and other users visit our site.

      Personal Information: Personal information is collected when the user instructs publications on our website, when you sign up for certain services such as email newsletters and alerts when the user goes to a clinic of your choice when you issue requests to request a product to a pharmacy or when the user submits feedback or comments about our work through our Web site.

      If the user prefers to communicate with us via email, Mediktiv is likely to keep the content of electronic messages the user as well as your email address and Mediktiv responses to these messages.

      Information on the use of the website: Our website uses a standard technology called type'cookies' and server logs to collect information about how users use the site. You will find all information about cookies in the "Cookies Policy" tab.

      2. How do we use personal information you provide to us?

      Mediktiv does not disclose, sell or rent any direct information about its users.
      Generally speaking, Mediktiv uses personal information provided by users (either directly or through their clinics / pharmacies trusted) to better inform visitors of your site and to send Segmented information (informative or commercial nature) and / or Mediktiv be considered of interest.
      Occasionally, Mediktiv can use the information to notify users about important changes have been made to your website. If you do not wish to receive such messages, they can communicate at any time via an electronic message to the address: