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A different relationship with your Health

  • Learn

    • All of your health and wellness concerns in one same platform
    • All of your needs just one click away 24/7
    • Connect all of your apps and wearables and be able to monitor all of your health
    • Follow up your evolution and your goals in real time

  • Share

    • Share with the Mediktiv Community
    • Be part of different groups of people who share your health and wellness concerns
    • Be able to ask and relate with doctors and other health professionals
    • Be able to easily manage and choose your medical record with them

  • Enjoy the benefits

    • Your involvement in your own health repays you
    • We encourage your participation
    • We encourage your group's participation
    • We personalize your benefits


Wellbeing requires the participation of everyone: those who take care of themselves, those who take care of you and those who spoil you. Choose your role!

Take your health with you everywhere you go!

At Mediktiv we want you to understand that your health is a something that is taken care of every day, it is not only related to "going to the doctor": we want you to take care of yourself share, learn and be informed in a fun and simple way, like a game, receiving direct rewards and benefits for your proactivity. For this, Mediktiv is at your disposal from any mobile device, tablet or computer for free. Our security systems for the handling of personal data strictly comply with the legislation in force in the country or geographical area in which we provide service.