Quality policies

Quality Policy - Mediktiv

Mediktiv is a system of personlised monitoring of medical information of a patient in real time which aims to offer its users patients poersonlized health through global communications systems with their clinics and pharmacies reference and trusted professionals.
Our goal through Mediktiv is to help the health system and its actors to have a more global view of the health of self, collecting information that we believe important from the various profiles of professionals and patients we set and communicate.
We strive to organize this information in order to achieve effects that we call "disruptive" and may have some positive impact on public health, due to their preventive nature or because of their informative.

We comply with both the highest standards of protection of personal data and health data required by the Organic Law on Data Protection, how the requirements imposed by the Ministry of Health to be suppliers, part of our services, treatments and health solutions.

However, under no circumstances replace or replace Mediktiv medical services, both in their criteria information, advice and diagnostic or treatment.

Every professional who will assist you free to choose the means, techniques and operating times necessary and sufficient to provide the best possible health care.

We have a multidisciplinary medical committee made up of independent health professionals and performs the following functions:

. Develop protocols for inclusion / exclusion of a center and / or healthcare professional Mediktiv box
. Implement medical box Mediktiv according to national needs of its users,
. Control data from each center and / or professional medical incorporate Mediktiv box
. Control information and campaigns published in the Mediktiv platform
. Propose solutions and advice on preventive health deals margin
. Advise on improvements in the relationship and communication between a user and health professionals of their choice
. Advise on improvements Mediktiv for a user in relation to their consumption of health
. Establish a protocol troubleshooting for both professionals and users box of Mediktiv
. Advise the user on their health concerns related to the use of Mediktiv

In the event of any incident, we propose a brokerage service and solving problems, as most of the incidents are protocolised in Mediktiv. We aim to help both sides to the benefit of all and always with the aim of improving the services provided to its users Mediktiv. You can also find some previously unresolved questions in our section of resolving doubts.

Through our quality policy and their respective protocols, guarantee service quality advice to try a patient not only receives a welfare quality services by a professional to publish a proposal for treatment, but also that each user is advised of poersonlized way to correctly choose the solutions that are best suited to their needs.