My "user-patient ideal"

Detect the person's profile more akin to receive your information or promotional message on health

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Why choose Mediktiv?

The only international targeting system for user profiles based on health criteria and wellness

Mediktiv Pacientes

My every day tool for ...

  • Your brand

    • Your brand as a healthy reference
    • A single global ecosystem
    • Adhere to a Healthy attitude
    • "My welfare is your consumption"
  • Attract and retain customers

    • Increase your sales
    • Generate purchase recurrence
    • Reduce your acquisition costs
    • Generate value for your product
  • Research

    • Find test groups
    • Value side effects
    • Learn opinions and trends
    • Create new products and services
  • Prospect

    • Launch new products
    • Find your ideal segment
    • Rate satisfaction
    • Find consensus

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