Our commitment

We make possible what so far was impossible

We are a company committed to prevention and health research. We don't just offer them our services and our knowledge, but we seek a change so our health care system can be more efficient for all of us.

  • Encourage your healthy attitude

    Your involvement has an impact on our society: being healthy is very important for you but also for all of us. For this reason, Mediktiv encourages your attitude!

  • Impact on public health

    To know each other better enables us to prevent illness rather than just heal it. Mediktiv offers us the possibility of knowing beyond our health history so we can reach a level of prediction and reduction of major preventive diseases of the 21st century

  • Universal access to health

    Because not all of us have the possibility of having a doctor when we need it, because health coverage is not universal or simply because our socio economic conditions do not allow us to lack of certain things so we can go to the doctor, we bring you a doctor 24/7, easily and economically

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