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Another way to interact with your health

Create your own ecosystem of prevention and monitoring health and wellness. We help you to know and benefit from your involvement!

  • Contact

    • Your health and wellness in one place
    • All your needs are a click away, 24/7
    • Connect your devices and monitorize your health
    • Follow your progress and see how you are reaching your goals in real time

  • Share

    • Talk and share with the community
    • Participate in health and wellness groups
    • Ask your questions to medical experts
    • Get easy and fast access to your medical history

  • Benefit yourself

    • Your involvement in health pays you
    • We encourage your participation
    • We encourage the participation of your group
    • We personalize your benefits


Health requires the participation of all those who care, who will care and also pamper you. Choose your role!

Take your health with you!

In Mediktiv we want you to understand that health is a good to take care of every day and that it's not only related to "going to the doctor": we want you to care, share your reports in a fun and easy way, and you'll receive benefits for your direct proactivity. To do this, Mediktiv is at your disposal from any mobile device, tablet or computer for free.

Our security systems comply strictly with the processing of your personal data, in accordance with the legislation in force in the country or geographical area of your service provider.